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Is your church remaining UMC?

If your church is committed to staying in the United Methodist Church, please share that by completing this form. Make sure to include your website, city, state and Annual Conference.

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Connect with others in the UMC

We are using this form to assemble names of churches and individuals who are  committed to the UMC so you can connect with and support one another. You can use the button below to connect with others in your area.


Are you committed to the UMC?

You can use the form to share your commitment to the UMC. If your individual church is leaving  the denomination, but you choose to remain a part of the UMC, we want to support and encourage you and help you find a UMC community. If there is no UMC remaining near you, we encourage you to worship with us at Resurrection online or another UMC online. New United Methodist Churches will eventually be organizing in those places where there is no longer a UMC presence.

Over the next few months, we will be collecting names of churches and pastors committing to stay UMC so you can connect with and support one another.

Find a United Methodist Church

If your church is leaving the UMC and you would like to remain a part of the UMC, where all are welcome, search this list of churches that have committed to remaining UMC to find a church near you.